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The Urdu word Adakari means Theatricality. As it might be clear by now, we are going to talk about theater, drama, script, and what not. So let us see which passion story QuarkMe has on the table today.

The Story

Happy Club, now called as Adakari, was started by Amit and Mayank as an acting club in 2013 at Amity University Rajasthan. The journey took off with the team's first nukkad natak being executed successfully at Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur.

As the work gained pace, participants started transforming into permanent Adakari members who would no longer appear just a few days before a competition. As the team delivered performances at intra and inter college events, the work got refined and their club gained traction on campus.


Adakari is a proud dramatics club, often referred to as a club with great unity. As a family, they hang out and stand by each other through the thick and thin. The club keeps into consideration the personal priorities to give the members a sufficient space for themselves, over just the competitive targets.

The club is currently focusing on musical acts and is open to participating in events across cities. For inviting Adarkari to an event, fill this form.

The self funded club, Adakari, selects new members in an interesting way. They prepare a script, especially for auditions, allot roles to applicants, give them props and let the show begin. After this step the new members are chosen.


Adakari, the Amity student dramatics club, has been a part of various competitions on and off campus. The team sometimes takes inspiration from the previous scripts that gathered appreciation, to bring out a completely new and unaddressed issue of the society. While, sometimes the team prepares a new script according to the event it participates in.

Generally, before leaving for an off campus event, the team delivers the act in front of in house crowd to get feedback and to be able to fine tune the act.

Adakari Team performed a stage act on Women empowerment, on campus, which has been a major highlight ever since. The team took help of the character 'Navadurga' to highlight a few out of many problems faced by women and 'Mahishasura' for the evil face of society. It was performed during Rajasthan Science Conference and was later transformed into a street play. The street play was performed on Amity Leadership Fest and got praises from everyone.


It was like a milestone for us. Amitians who know Adakari, trust and expect a good performance every time. Through that act we established a benchmark for acting and play concepts. -Radhika


Adakari participates in Sangatham, the annual sports fest of Amity University Jaipur, apart from Amity Leadership Fest (ALF) every year. It has also been a part of events at JECRC and MNIT.

Next up on its target list is Chitkara University's national level Theatre Fest, RANGREZ in October '18.

Some interesting pictures of the Adakari Team...

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