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Aerolith racing, a formula student team from Amity university Rajasthan shares their story with us. The 3 min read will help us understand what it is to be one of those students at engineering lecture halls who day dream of building a vehicle from scratch and flaunt their passion in front of the whole college crowd while riding it past them one day.

The Story

The foundation stories of  vehicle manufacturing clubs across different colleges, as one can expect, are quite similar with some petrol heads coming together and discussing their shared dreams with ambition. But it's interesting to note that to bring their ideas to life, these hardworking creatures (often called mechanical engineers) go through great amounts of stress while overcoming challenges that one cannot even think of in her wildest nightmares. It is when a student enters the mechanical workshop to try her hands on tools that are always staring from a corner during routine practical sessions, the real Experiential Learning starts.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

The work at Aerolith Racing starts with recruitment of new team members every year, as their seniors graduate leaving set bars of standards through their days of hard work. Students are shortlisted after first round of written quizzes, and are selected post interviews by the existing team members.Once the team is ready, planning sets in according to the upcoming events that the teams plans to target.


The Process

It all starts with the design and analysis of a vehicle. Done without alertness, and it might pose a threat to someone's life. This step involves virtually preparing the vehicle structure and testing it using complex software(s) for extreme conditions. As one can understand, often there are last moment changes off the designing desk while the actual manufacturing but this step cannot be avoided as the results are guidelines for months to follow.

Once the design is ready and the analysis results are good, the manufacturing starts. All pumped up, students storm their workshops with the feeling of building the next Iron Man suit, only to find themselves exhausted and with 'jet lag' for the next 8-12 months. High up on the list of attendance defaulters, after clocking 12-16 hours in workshops and getting close to lowest grades, the Aerolith Racing team doesn't give up.

With more metal dust intakes and iron levels soaring high in blood, there comes a day when the team finally rolls out the vehicle for testing.


Vehicle Testing

Once the vehicle is rolled out, the Aerolith Racing team tests the vehicle on campus and repairs the vehicle whenever there's a breakdown. All safety measures are taken and college authority supervision is sought wherever required.

The Outcomes

Till date Aerolith Racing teams have made 4 race cars:

  • Two Supra vehicles
  • One Go-kart (F9)
  • One All Terrain Vehicle

Here's a quick sneak peek from their workshop... (If you are interested in getting associated with the team, kindly fill in this form and we will get in touch with you soon)




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