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Started with a simple objective of coming up with something unique every time, a small team of dancers from Amity University Rajasthan came together to form a club called BUNTTAYE. The young club is one of the most active dance clubs on campus, and doesn't miss any opportunity of participation in events on and off campus.

The Story

Bunttaye, the dance club, was formed in 2018 by a group of first year undergraduate students as they prepared for their first ever performance at Amity Leadership Fest (ALF). No longer excited by what the other dance performers were doing on campus, this group decided to bring out 'new content' in terms of dance. Success to this team is to leave a good impression over audience and that's what they achieved during ALF.


First wave of challenges hit the group with all the male members of the group exiting for reasons including lack of funding at that time for upcoming events. As one can expect, such challenges can not come in the way of passionate teams, and the team pulled it through without the ones who left. Once people left, the even smaller team hustled and kept practicing as they gained traction in college. Their target was to get more dancers aboard through an orientation session, and prepared well for that. The plan got executed well and new members joined giving the team inner strength to face similar challenges in future. A hope to win events brings unity in this team.

 I value unity because I believe we learn truth from each other in this process. -Rowan Williams  


Bunttaye does every dance form, and they generally do not  repeat performances on the same song in different events. The club seeks guidance from professionals, so that the members can learn more and perform better. If you're a choreographer and would like to get associated with them, click here.


1) ALF held at Amity University Rajasthan in March 2018: Bunttaye presented a fusion of krumping, hip-hop, jazz and bhangra.

2) Orientation program for freshers, August 2018: Bunttaye did jazz, bhagra and freestyle.

3) Teachers' day celebration, on campus: The group did hip-hop.

4) Innovation day, September 2018: Bunttaye dancers did kathak, bhangra, jazz, hiphop. 

We are currently preparing for Sangathan (2018) and will soon be preparing for ALF and other inter college competitions. - Bunttaye Spokesperson .


No external funds. The letters of appreciation, and the audience smiles is what the group is keeping itself motivated with. If you'd like to invite them and give them a chance to win something more, click here .

Some images from the Bunttaye performances...

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