The Art Room:  an ‘all technical- art club’


Started with the goal of promoting passion for art among people from technical backgrounds with a small team in 2017, The Art Room is a student community club at Amity University Rajasthan that has its work displayed in a dedicated hall on campus which is managed by the club.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

The Story

Challenged initially about art not being their primary field of work, these technical people have left all shocked by their wonderful work. The founding team was led by Hemant Kumar, who was a Mechanical Engineering student at that time. Passion for art has been drawing more and more creative people towards The Art Room since it all started. These people have been taking initiatives towards different ideas when it comes to showcasing their talent. The club is NOT externally funded and raises funds internally through the student body, whenever the need comes up. The members contribute in different ways including hall decoration, lighting, collection of art from different artists, planning and implementation, poster designing, teaching charcoal sketching to other students, to point a few.

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Currently, The Art Room is jointly led by a core team of people, and its latest exhibition (as on 18th Sept, '18)  was named Ibtida- means The Beginning, was an orientation for the fresher-men batch.


Riyaz -13 October 2017
'Riyaz', an Urdu word, means (music) practice. This was the first exhibition by The ART ROOM and its motto was to encourage people to follow their passion and accomplish the art through the journey and practice or 'Riyaz'. The exhibition was a part of Rajasthan Science Conference.

Meraki -27 January 2018
'Meraki' signifies putting one's heart and soul into their work. The artists tried to relate their work to art and portrayed it through the sketches. This exhibition was one of the most successful ones till date. The exhibition was held during the Convocation Ceremony, 2018.

Khwabida -17 March 2018
'Khwabida' is translated as dreamy. This exhibition was organised on the occasion of ALF. The lighting and decoration were done in line with the Dreamy theme of the exhibition.

Mukhtalif -15 April 2018
The meaning of 'Mukhtalif' is different. The exhibition was organised in association with Ecell of Amity University Rajasthan. The Ecell had conducted an internship fair which, in turn, gave exposure to the artists too.

Ibtida - 2 August 2018
'Ibtida' simply refers to beginnings. This exhibition was organised on the occasion of club orientation 2018. The motive was to welcome the juniors and portray the club's artworks.

Here's a quick sneak peek from the art room... (If you are interested in buying any of these art works from the artists, kindly fill in this form and we will get in touch with you soon)

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