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Cord Anchors' Place, commonly called as CAP, is an event management club of students at Amity University Rajasthan that handles and participates in events held on campus. CAP team consists of anchors , managers , organisers , technicians,  backstage crew, writers, singers and dance performers! 

The Story

College days are filled with energy and enthusiasm. One never knows which tea time discussion at canteen could result in formation of a new student club or a Startup! Similar is the story of Cord Anchors' Place.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams.
-Donovan Bailey

24th March 2018: It was a busy day with cool breeze unable to calm Priya down as she walked to her hostel after having a not-so-good discussion with the organizing team at an event that she was a part of. Priya Sheoran , a History Hons. student, decided that she would form a new club with group of students willing to manage events and explore their PASSION while doing so. 

Cord Anchors' Place was born with an aim to create a platform for every passionate person to come, learn and perform to the best of her abilities on stage even if the person is an introvert, offstage.


CAP is a no-audition group that welcomes all kinds of people with different interests and backgrounds to come together as a team and grow. There are 50+ members (as on 24th Sept, '18) making a difference with smooth execution of events that the club takes up. Currently they have organised events in Amity university Rajasthan but aspire to grow CAP as a full-fledged civil management company.

CAP Events

Francophonie 2018
An event to celebrate the French language , conducted under the aegis of Amity School Of Languages by CAP.

Farewell 2018
The 'Sayonara' was conducted for the passing out batch of 2018. CAP was a part of it.

Orientation 2018
The formal welcome of the freshmen batch of 2018 was organized from 2nd to 4th August. Addresses by dignitaries of Amity was the main highlight of the event.

Talent Hunt 2018
With the new faces, came new talent on campus. To welcome that and to provide a platform to showcase it, a talent hunt program was organised by CAP and  it gave a great kick start to the group for the new session.

Independence Day Celebration
With a blend of patriotism and Hindi , the 72nd independence day celebration was conducted in Amity on 15th August 2018.
A statement by one of the dignitary made our day -"It was best independence day celebration that has been organised here in Amity , I've never seen such crowd for this event. "

German-Language Event:
German delegates visited the campus through the Indian embassy, and  a cultural program was organised by CAP.

Sangathan 2018:
The annual sports meet that is held in every Amity Campus across the globe is being managed by CAP. From the commentary at sports like kabaddi , basketball , cricket , football to the comparing of the Grand March Past , CAP was seen working to its full strength.


Cord Anchors' Place, or CAP, does not have any separate fund, but are provided support depending on the event type (subject to approval from management). Faculties are the top advisors in each event . They sit with the team in each run-through and give their inputs to fine tune the plan.

As one can understand, on campus events do not have a scale that could give enough exposure to all of the members every time an event comes up. To address this issue, CAP is open to considering collaborations for OFF CAMPUS events and would be glad to hear from you if you have something similar in mind. If you are interested in working with the CAP team, or wish to hire a talent, kindly fill in this form and we will get in touch with you soon.

Some images from the events managed by CAP...

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