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SNU SAE is Shiv Nadar University's vehicle manufacturing club that primarily focuses on events organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (INDIA), and similar. This is one of the popular clubs of SNU that house passionate people who are willing to sacrifice anything to bring their ideas to reality. This particular story is special to QuarkMe since this club gave Anirudh and Yug, the QuarkMe Core members, the first chance of working together. Without further ado, let us talk about their fantastic journey.

The Story

It was a usual hostel night at 3B hostel at SNU when suddenly Geetey, rarely called by his full name-Aman Geetey, started sharing stories of his elder brother's vehicle manufacturing club at their college. Geetey, an Electrical Engineering-Major, then in second year of the course, was inspiring his Mechanical Engineering friends to start an independent club with him and build a vehicle from scratch.

People who were getting 'all pumped up' while imagining the possibility of driving a vehicle designed and manufactured by them, were unaware of what they were really signing up for. Almost no one had the experience of even seeing an ATV (all terrain vehicle) in reality, which they were planning to build. This was for the first time that formation of such a team could be formulated into an official- on campus- vehicle manufacturing club at Shiv Nadar University, in 2014.


Team Genesis: The founding team

All the petrol heads that came together to bring the idea of manufacturing the university's first 'in house' vehicle, started the legacy of Team Genesis. Team Genesis, since its inception, has been primarily focusing on participation in SAE Baja and events alike. These national (and international) events require students to build all terrain vehicles and get them tested for real-in field conditions through different competition rounds.

Mr. Nishant Mishra, Assistant Dean of Student Welfare at SNU, has been the faculty advisor for SNU SAE since it all started and has been an easy-to-approach person for getting all queries and requirements of the teams working in the manufacturing labs.

Team Genesis, soon after the work began, started getting noticed by people on the fully residential campus. 'Young kids', the undergraduate students accessing research labs, running analyses on workstations, confidently asking guards to allow them into engineering labs at midnight, got the team good traction. With time, people started visiting these labs out of curiosity, even at night. It was a feeling of belonging that was seen in the eyes of students visiting those labs, and those eyes only motivated the team members to not let their University down.

Some people would jokingly ask, " Gaadi kab chalegi? (When will the car run)" and we would answer with a " Bas ek do din me (Within a day or so)".

This continued for weeks, before the team actually rolled out the first ever ATV from Shiv Nadar University, ' BEAST 1.3 ' at 4:00 am (2015), and as the vehicle moved around the campus, all the team members ran along with it cheering loud enough to get people out of their beds in their hostels. That morning marked the beginning of a lot of new lives, including the QuarkMe Team. That day a lot of people killed their fears and move ahead with confidence to conquer what they were passionate about with a sense of realization that, one can dare to dream big!

Sound engineering is what we are here to do and we can never compromise on that. It is kind of a moral code that we adhere to. -Arvind, Genesis 2018


Teams and their work

As on 6th October, 2018, Team Genesis from SNU SAE has rolled out 3 all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and is currently working on the fourth one. 4 go-karts have been made by teams: Atom, Mechaholix, Razorhawks and Team Synergy Racing. 5 teams including Ashwa, Pravah, Vajra, Psyclists and Neophytes have built Efficycles.


In the near future, the Team Genesis intends to achieve a perfect season, with a pole position in all the competitions it takes part. One secondary objective that has been in the hindsight for quiet sometime now is establishment of a Formula Team. The team attempts for an electric vehicle take on ATV's, given the build towards automobiles based on cleaner energy and to address the needs of future for the first time ever in its history.


The club has been a part of many national collegiate events, since its inception. Some of them are:

  • BAJA Student India
  • Enduro Student India Mega ATV Challenge
  • Efficyle-SAE
  • Enduro Student India-Electric
  • Nirman Go-kart

Vehicle Testing

Shiv Nadar University has provided SNU SAE a separate vehicle testing track that is maintained and may be altered following teams' requests. Teams test their vehicles on campus, break it, weld it, race it and do whatever they want to do (within safety limits), with prior permissions, before getting to any particular event.

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