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IAESTE JECRC University is the student society in focus today. Before we talk about the local committee of JECRC, let us quickly understand what is IAESTE.  The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience or IAESTE is a multinational organization for students, providing them with technical work experience through international exchange programs. IAESTE includes committees representing more than 80 countries.

The Story

IAESTE was autonomously launched in the year 1948 and entered the Indian regime in 2001 with the inception of IAESTE India - KU at Karunya University as a cooperating institution. In 2005, Manipal University chapter was incorporated under the title ‘IAESTE IndiaMIT’. IAESTE India is now a fully fledged functioning member with four local committees (LC) namely-

  • LC Manipal: Manipal University, Manipal
  • LC MUJ: Manipal University Jaipur
  • LC KU: Karunya University, Coimbatore
  • LC JECRC: JECRC, Jaipur (Referred to as: IAESTE JECRC)


It also has some co-operating institutions including:

  • CI Rajagiri College, Kochi
  • CI Sikkim Manipal University



The endeavour to achieve via IAESTE JECRC was to help members tap their dreams and to facilitate the exchange of ideas (technical and/or aesthetic) by bracketing talents across the globe through various educational institutes.

The dilemma initially, was the promotion mix for the league which encompassed forming well equipped local committees and collaborating with other colleges and corporations for the product mix.

With large workforce diversity, IAESTE is a comprehensive geographically mobile corporation with sterling HR, Admin, Marketing and IT professionals. The environment at work is rather warm with high cross culture acceptance addressing the essence of work ethics corresponding to several countries. It broadens the platform of coming together as a mass of knowledge and talent despite geography that parts them.

IAESTE JECRC is united by one primary goal - "Work Experience & Discover."


LC IAESTE JECRC, being a student-run organization, runs on funds aided by the members of the society with a minimal membership fee, and other minimal charges depending upon the events. An annual budget for a smooth facilitation of the group is prepared and the finances are managed accordingly.  

Mrs Neelakshi Chaturvedi, Head, Faculty relations is the go-to person who serves as an effective channel between the local committee of IAESTE JECRC and the University.

The LC IASTE JECRC masters in organizing interactive sessions where they deliver the core idea behind the daily grills of IAESTE. They also provide an inkling into taking an internship abroad and the perks it carries with itself. They believe in self-grooming aspects of University students as they accommodate specific sessions for portfolio building and gearing them up for placements and so on by demonstrating simple yet key essential features like building a CV/Resume or preparing a factsheet.

The Road Ahead

The key theory is the propagation of right guidance and mentoring for the students in order to augment their talents outside their comfort zones.

The club needs more manpower to fulfil the core mission of their group as the internships released remain directly proportional to members of the parochial committees.

IAESTE, as mentioned above, sets a benchmark in the domain of University club infused with a tinge of corporate culture. It remains unbeatable for those who’ve seen the nitty- gritty and penetrated across ethnographic practices proving to be so culturally tolerant breaking the shackles of stereotype. Not just for the sophomores or the core members, it proves to be beneficial to the freshmen providing them fancy internships abroad. You learn, you retrieve and you perform! That’s how simple this gets.

The head of IAESTE JECRC, Mr Kshtij Agrawal is the person who worked day in day out,  simply heading forth to set a crude foundation of the society same making it an absolutely unperturbed and an unbeatable league of its own kind!

The vision is to make IAESTE JECRC the largest Local committee in India thereby making the highest number of successful exchanges.  The group envisions expanding the club and outshining its previous self-time and again.


2017 remained one such year where the maximum numbers of successful exchanges were accomplished via LC JECRC. (As on 14th Oct, '18)

Being a student-run organization, each and every member works together in a mini corporate with strong business ethics.  The team witnesses great cohesiveness and members remain work-oriented and loyal to the organization come what may.

There are no real prerequisites for selection or applications. For anyone who is pursuing a graduate degree / graduated / post-graduated and is willing to apply for an internship can become a part of IAESTE, although for the selection of local committee the club has different modalities and proceedings.

If you are interested in working with the IAESTE LC JECRC team or wish to hire a talent, kindly fill in this form and we will get in touch with you soon.

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