IAESTE JECRC University: Local Committee

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IAESTE LC JECRC University Jaipur IAESTE JECRC University is the student society in focus today. Before we talk about the local committee of JECRC, let us quickly understand what is IAESTE.  The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience or IAESTE is a multinational organization for students, providing them with technical work […]


SNU SAE : Shiv Nadar University

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SNU SAE: The Vehicle Manufacturing club SNU SAE is Shiv Nadar University’s vehicle manufacturing club that primarily focuses on events organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (INDIA), and similar. This is one of the popular clubs of SNU that house passionate people who are willing to sacrifice anything to bring their ideas to reality. This […]


ECell Amity University Rajasthan

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Entrepreneurship Cell: Amity University Rajasthan The E-cell was started by the students of Amity University Rajasthan under the guidance of Amity Innovation Incubator (AII), Noida to foster entrepreneurship among the students on campus. From encouraging any idea to supporting an operating startup on campus, E-cell wishes to provide assistance in whatever way possible. The team conducts timely events and […]


Cord Anchors’ Place (CAP): Amity University Rajasthan

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Cord Anchors’ Place: A ‘no audition’- event management club   Cord Anchors’ Place, commonly called as CAP, is an event management club of students at Amity University Rajasthan that handles and participates in events held on campus. CAP team consists of anchors , managers , organisers , technicians,  backstage crew, writers, singers and dance performers!  The […]

Art & Design

The Art Room : Amity University Rajasthan

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The Art Room:  an ‘all technical- art club’ Started with the goal of promoting passion for art among people from technical backgrounds with a small team in 2017, The Art Room is a student community club at Amity University Rajasthan that has its work displayed in a dedicated hall on campus which is managed by the club. “Creativity […]


Reinventing QuarkMe

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by Anirudh Sharma QuarkMe has it’s foundations laid on the idea of understanding the concepts over rote learning. It’s well known that the Indian education system, and the practices prevalent in the Indian society encourage the students to switch to rote learning at some point or the other. Learning a few things is fine, actually. […]


Jugaad101 idea#2

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Jugaad101 idea#2 Ever wondered how central locking of a car works? Do you know how speakers work? Heard of a solenoid valve? Let’s look into how a simple and small device makes it all happen, before discussing how to procure this device quite easily, so that you could use it for your own projects. Solenoid, […]