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QuarkMe Campus Events

QuarkMe joins hands with student clubs across colleges to provide them exposure in different ways. Who doesn’t get excited after hearing about college fests? We might be the perfect partner in organizing events on your campus including college fests.

Experiential Learning @ schools

QuarkMe joins hands with schools and the team delivers a custom-made program which comprises of practical and experiential learning. It helps students learn with realtime experiments, games, presentations, demos and more.

QuarkMe Talks

QuarkMe gives passionate people who are breaking the set boundaries daily and exploring new ideas, a voice by providing them the opportunity to share their experiences with other people raging the same war. These sessions help others draw inspiration to take the road not taken.

QuarkMe Campus

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QuarkMe Talent Stories

QuarkMe is always looking for talented people pushing their limits to give shape to their passion.  We publish stories of such teams and individuals on our platform, to inspire people on a similar path. Visit ‘Talent Stories’ page now.

QuarkMe Music & Dance

As the name suggests, this category of events not only includes great performances by artists, but also includes workshops and competitions to make things exciting and useful for all.

Free Coffee

Have something to discuss? We would love to do that over coffee. We promise it’ll be on us 😉

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What do people, who have worked with us, say

QuarkMe Experiential Leaning Session

Your concepts are fab!! Keep going, (you’re) doing well ♥. Conduct more of this shiz.

Anonymous Class X student

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

I loved that how interactive and fun the session was. We learned things that I, personally, have never thought about. Encouraged (us) to experiment and find answers to unnoticed questions. 👍

Ayesha Lohar Class X student, Delhi Public School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

It was quite interactive with a certain flow of ease to it. The practical application & implications are often ignored in this world dominated by numbers, I found it to be brave and fascinating that someone after all stood up & spoke.

Rhia Class X student, Delhi Public School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Workshop

QuarkMe team broadened scientific knowledge by touching upon the various aspects of science and their inseparable relation to our day to day life. The team displayed innovative and interesting scientific model/experiments at our school to clarify concepts in science. They shared some inspiring thoughts that left an indelible mark on the minds of the audience. It was really brain-storming ,interesting interactive session that enlightened the young minds to understand basic concepts.

It was truly an enriching experience for me.

Raja Sharma PGT physics- Rukmani Birla Modern High School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

It was a nice experience overall. I hope we will see more from them. 5/5

Samyak Jain Class IX Student, St. Edmund's School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

Innovative learning; will help students in remembering the concepts. 9/10

Babusha Mittal Class X Student, Banyan Tree School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Workshop

The priority of student’s mindset clearly inflicts one thing. Change. Change is the epitome of life, and it’s inevitable, from the entire society to the education system. The true idea of bringing upon a change has been inquisitive enough for me to focus on subjects that haven’t gathered my attention for years. Truly, QuarkMe is revolutionary and the methods followed in this have all of us excited and enriched.

We hope that this wonderful time becomes a part of our daily life. 9.5/10

Rohan Gupta Class IX Student, RBMHS, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Workshop

It is very interesting to sit here and see all these interesting models, rather than sitting in the class absent minded(ly) and hopelessly looking at the smart board

Jahnavi Jared Class IX Student, RBMHS, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

Interesting, motivating.. Fruitful program.  4/5

Jyoti Jain Faculty, Banyan Tree School, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Session

These experiments are just amazing. Through these experiments, I was able to understand more. It made physics so simple. Experiments also clear(ed) my confusion and made me feel that science is very interesting. 10/10

Tanisha Khandelwal Class X Student, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan Vidyashram, Jaipur

QuarkMe Experiential Learning Workshop

“A truly incredible way to interact with youngsters. The QuarkMe workshops gave a new meaning to practical knowledge. For a person who doesn’t like science, this workshop gripped my attention.Amazing! Want them to be here again. I would rate them 9.5 out of 10”

Kanishka Dhobhal Class IX Student, RBMHS, Jaipur

(Posted on Google reviews)

I have worked closely with QuarkMe’s content and technical team for a number of months. They are the most committed people towards their job. The amount of hard work going into making this company successful is amazing. At the same time they are holding on very tightly to their core beliefs, which is to change the way children are educated today. All the best guys 🙂

Lakshay Sharma Machine Learning Engineer, New Delhi

(Posted on Google Reviews)

Starting off with a very clear objective of changing the way tutoring, and education is done, they have stuck to their core values. They have a very committed team and their response rate is especially good.
Their network also seemed strong to me. I would certainly suggest that you try QuarkMe.

Saketh RVK Content Writer, EssentiallySports

About us

We want to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching and learning methods employed in our current education system so that the students of tomorrow will be ready to face the world, not just with an artificial college degree, but with the skill-set and problem solving ability to truly distinguish themselves from the crowd. Every pioneer had to face tremendous difficulties, no matter what their field. What set them apart was their ability to work with their own approach and trust themselves. We aim towards building a sense of individualism among our students so that they can themselves realise what’s unique in them and work towards complementing their strengths.